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New “How-To” Videos for MannMade USA products

December 20, 2016John MannDemos, How to, News2

Hi friends and fellow guitar hotrodders. I hope this post finds you doing well and on your continuing tone quest journey.

Today I have some new “how to” videos for you… mostly in relation to our #2300 Intonatable Stoptail bridge, which is selling like gangbusters!


How to Remove Stud Wells – Push Method
How To Remove Stud Wells – Pull Method 
How To Install a Stoptail Bridge 
How To Install a PRS SE Locking Tuner
How To String a Guitar with Locking Tuners

To see all of our Installation Instructions, please go to the Support Section  or our YouTube channel

1966 Gibson SG Jr


Michael Britt (Lonestar) endorses MannMade USA bridges

December 29, 2015John MannArtists, Demos, How to, News0

Here’s Michael Britt of Lonestar, showing off his new MannMade USA 2010 VintageVibrato on his new Strat style guitar. Not only does he know how to play, but he installed the bridge himself ! Great job Mike !!!

Michael Britt - 2010VintageVibrato

YouTube video

MannMade USA –
Michael Britt –


Video filmed & produced by Chris Reynolds -


How to remove and install Stoptail bridge stud wells

December 22, 2015John MannDemos, How to, News0

Here is another “how to” video that explains in easy to understand terms exactly how to go about removing Stoptail bridge stud wells (those pesky little thingies that are down inside your guitar body).

Follow along and learn how the pro’s do it at MannMade USA !