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Here’s how one customer upgraded his new PRS CE24

May 19, 2017John MannReviews0

“Got my MannMade 2000NOS bridge installed today. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this bridge, it’s a work of art! Anyway I just wanted to say thank you to you both and I’ve attached a couple of pics of the bridge on my CE24.

Thanks for making such awesome bridge, I admit I was little disappointed that my 2016 PRS CE24 has the Korean made SE bridge. I find the arm length and shape to be odd, uncomfortable and the strings have a tendency to stick in the block.” ~ Heath F.CE24 01

CE24 02










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We love our customers!

October 11, 2016John MannNews, Reviews0

It’s always a great to get positive feedback from my customers. I especially enjoy it when they share photos, sound clips or bring their guitar to my shop, so that I can check out their guitar.
Here’s an unsolicited review of a MannMade USA #2220 FatBack Hardtail bridge on a custom build left hand Strat.


Nashville Gear Demos – reviews MannMade USA bridges

Chris Reynolds of Nashville Gear Demos caught up with us at Summer NAMM 2014 in Nashville, TN this past summer and he graciously  agreed to demo and review our line of guitar bridges. So we sent him a variety of bridges for him to install on his personal guitars and have been anxiously awaiting his feedback. Welp… here it is… Nashville Gear Demos – MannMade USA bridges Chris Reynolds - MM-USA gear review

















Thanks Chris !!!