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Here’s how one customer upgraded his new PRS CE24

May 19, 2017John MannReviews0

“Got my MannMade 2000NOS bridge installed today. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this bridge, it’s a work of art! Anyway I just wanted to say thank you to you both and I’ve attached a couple of pics of the bridge on my CE24.

Thanks for making such awesome bridge, I admit I was little disappointed that my 2016 PRS CE24 has the Korean made SE bridge. I find the arm length and shape to be odd, uncomfortable and the strings have a tendency to stick in the block.” ~ Heath F.CE24 01

CE24 02










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Before and After Test – MannMade USA Intonatable Stoptail Bridge on 1966 Gibson SG

February 22, 2017John MannDemos, News0

We do an A/B test on our 1966 Gibson SG Junior. First half is the stock bridge and tuners, and the second part is after installation of a MannMade 2310 Intonatable Stoptail and new Kluson tuners.

Sorry for the slight distortion on the audio!!

New “How-To” Videos for MannMade USA products

December 20, 2016John MannDemos, How to, News2

Hi friends and fellow guitar hotrodders. I hope this post finds you doing well and on your continuing tone quest journey.

Today I have some new “how to” videos for you… mostly in relation to our #2300 Intonatable Stoptail bridge, which is selling like gangbusters!


How to Remove Stud Wells – Push Method
How To Remove Stud Wells – Pull Method 
How To Install a Stoptail Bridge 
How To Install a PRS SE Locking Tuner
How To String a Guitar with Locking Tuners

To see all of our Installation Instructions, please go to the Support Section  or our YouTube channel

1966 Gibson SG Jr