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By popular demand, we have upgraded our new Stoptail bridge!

You asked for it, so I figured out how to make it! MannMade USA recently announced the release of our Intonatable Stoptail bridge. I received a lot of positive feedback on this, however lots of players asked if I could provide pre-slotted saddles. I was a bit hesitant at first, because not all stoptails are mounted perpendicular to the center of the neck. Some of those old Gibson Les Pauls and SG’s had the bridge canted quite a bit! Pre-slotted saddles would not be a good choice for those guitars.

Many PRS guitars are equipped with non-adjustable stoptail bridges, and it seems like a lot of owners would love to have an intonatable solution. Because these bridges are set pretty square to the neck, pre-slotted saddles would be an excellent option.

So we did it! Not only did we slot the saddle, we also made it thicker… for more mass… better tone… more sustain…

The saddles, screws, studs and stud wells are all machined from solid brass billet and left unplated for better tonal transfer. The bridge itself is precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium. It comes in a several finishes.

After installing the prototype on to my 2010 PRS McCarty Dallas Shootout edition, I was amazed how good it sounded!


StopTail-5 StopTail-10
StopTail-20 StopTail-15StopTail-21



MannMade USA releases new upgrade product

MannMade USA is proud to announce the upcoming release of a new product geared towards upgrading all PRS Guitars® (Paul Reed Smith®)  SE® and S2® guitars that are equipped with vibrato (trem) bridges.

The newly designed Sustain Block is designed to replace the stock steel block on existing SE® and S2®  guitars with absolutely no modifications necessary to your guitar. Simply replace, setup and play!

MannMade USA sustain block upgrade installed on a 2013 PRS SE Santana guitar

MannMade USA sustain block upgrade installed on a 2013 PRS SE Santana guitar

The Sustain Block is precision machined from the best music grade brass billet material to exact specifications, so that it will retrofit your existing PRS® SE® or S2® vibrato bridge with absolutely no issues or modifications.

MannMade USA upgrade Sustain Block for PRS SE & S2 PRS Guitars

MannMade USA upgrade Sustain Block for PRS SE & S2 PRS Guitars

This upgrade alone with greatly improve your tone… sustain and harmonic complexity. Add our other great upgrades, such as MannMade USA saddles, Brass hardware upgrade kit, mounting screw kit and you have a tone monster !!!

Stay tuned for more news on ordering availability…

Please note: PRS Guitars®, SE®, S2® and Paul Reed Smith Guitars® are are all registered trademarks of Paul Reed Smith Guitars. MannMade USA and/or John Mann’s Guitar Vault does not market or sell new PRS Guitars with our products installed on them.

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